As I sat in bed, binge watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ on Sunday night, not feeling great or excited about the coming week, I reflected on the one that has passed.

I didn’t go to the gym once, I drank too much alcohol on Friday night writing off Saturday, my diet had been mainly bad carbs, saturated fats and sugary food, I stayed home and didn’t go out except to buy groceries, I hadn’t spoken to my family in a while, I didn’t read any of my books, I could definitely make the house a little cleaner…and these thoughts actually made me a little anxious…These lazy habits are so easy fall into and so hard to break. And I wondered why I am not feeling great about the position I am in at the moment?

Sometimes, being too comfortable in life causes more stress than you think. If you are like me and constantly want to feel like you’re moving forward, then it’s important not to stay stagnant; mentally and physically, for too long. You need to be doing something you love so that life feels rewarding. When you finish the last season of your favorite TV show, you don’t feel accomplished, nor do you feel rewarded, if anything it’s upsetting!
That’s because you really didn’t achieve anything or get anything valuable from it…and you are always left wanting more with no real reward!
So, I made a plan.

Every day once I finish work, I am going think about what I want to focus my attention on before I go to bed. Something healthy that will help me to grow as a person & that I get enjoyment from – gym, reading, researching topics I enjoy, making music, learning another language, going for a run, spending time with my family. If I do this every day, by the time Sunday comes around, I will feel like I have earned that time to be lazy in bed.
Fill your week up with engaging activities! Don’t go to work then come home and laze around. And yes, sometimes, you may not have a lot of energy, then do something less physically demanding, watch an educational TED talk, feed your brain with knowledge. You need to be engaged in the activity you are doing.

Enroll in a weekly class of a passion you have, go for a walk, buy a new book, listen to a trending educational podcast, there a so many ways you can feel better about yourself and the week that just passed. You will have a happier life and you will look forward to what next week brings.
Don’t fall into the lazy trap. We all do it, but most of us don’t do anything about it. Will you?


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