Throughout my early 20’s I have been caught up in the typical lifestyle; clubbing, partying, road trips, overseas travel, work/studying, dating, but when I turned 23 I had a shift in my priorities and I am so thankful that this happened sooner rather than later. Now I am not saying that I have stopped going out and having a good time, but it has not been number 1 on my to do list on a Saturday night anymore, it is not even in my top 5. Now, Saturday consists of family barbecues, babysitting, movie nights, bonfires and I have not looked back. Here’s why.

I am not saying this applies to every single millennial but I can confidently say it does to a lot of us – we do not put enough time aside for our family. The overwhelming feeling of love, joy and fulfillment you receive when sitting around a fire with the sound of your little cousins laughing and shouting that’s drowning out whatever Australian top 40’s song is on the radio, with a paper plate in hand, a beer in the other, the warmth and smell of crackling burning wood, while having the hilarious conversation of where your Uncle and Aunt used to hang out back in the day, can not be compared. It’s wholesome. I would say slightly different to, and, let’s say slightly outweighing the times, where your ear drums were being pounded by bass, you have two vodka red bulls in both hands, a stench of sweat and puke lurking, and you have minimal motor skills on a slippery floor covered in alcohol and whatever else. When you think about it, it’s absurd why we would rather be experiencing the latter, don’t you think?

Another thing, babysitting your little cousins or niece/nephew. Whether you live with a partner, alone or at home, you can do it. And think about how thankful and grateful the parents will be when you are giving them a night off to relax and kick their feet back. You will be an everyday Superhero to your loved ones, while also experiencing the little bundles of joy and terror that they take care of everyday. It gives you an appreciation for parents, ‘a day in the life of’ if you will, it is not easy but it does feel so rewarding. Slightly different, and let’s say slightly over weighing, the times you had to carry your drunk friend, or be carried by a drunk friend, home in the cold, tired, with little to no recollection of the previous night and possibly covered in whatever greasy you had scoffed down or what’s come back up. When you think about it… you see where I’m going with this.

Now I am not telling all millennial’s to throw out their red cups, because it can be a whole lot of fun. I am just saying, when next weekend comes around, reach out to some family and I am sure they would love to have your company, or love to give you company and you will feel uplifted and fulfilled significantly more than any other drunken night out on the town.


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