I have recently experienced a tragedy. For the period of a few days, it was nothing but hugs and tears. My life had stopped. Anything that I was supposed to do was rescheduled. The house became a mess because I wasn’t motivated to clean it. My mood would swing from happy and friendly to sad and hostile. I got extremely drunk one night at home and said some very dark things to my girlfriend. It was not a good place to be in mentally. I knew where this could possibly take me but I was not about to undo all the hard work I put into myself over the past few months.

The old me would have let this be a slippery slope into oblivion and eventually pushed every beautiful human and positive influence so far away from me that when; or if, I ever did recuperate, I would of had to build my life and its foundation up again. It would not be the first time either. I had a tendency to hide any dark emotions; but other emotions I was generally open about, I was scared that speaking about them would make them real but they already were real…

So what has changed? Why did I quickly remove my lid and let my emotional juices flow out? Well, I am more aware of my feelings these days. I understand my train of thought. I catch my bad behavior out and I quickly stop before it does any real damage. Being in tune with who you are and understanding yourself is so important. It could save your relationships and even your life.

I am still very early in my journey of self discovery and I urge everybody else to actively go on their own. In the book “The Way of A Monk” by Gaur Gopal Das(I do highly suggest this book!) Gaur describes the self discovery journey as a game of pass-the-parcel. You know the game where you sit in a circle, pass the parcel around hoping the music stops on you so you get unwrap one of many layers to see what gift is inside? Well we also need to unwrap our own layers to unveil our own qualities , and when you get to the middle; the ultimate present, you reach your full potential in life, but it is the journey that gets us there. All the precious knowledge we learn along the way leads us to our fulfillment.

Give it a go, push yourself to know more about YOU and who you are. Because I guarantee there is an abundance of qualities you never knew you had and you will be more in control of your life than ever before.


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