Typically, I’m not the ”go for a walk” kind of guy. I would prefer to be at a gym rather than out and about running or walking. I see so many people nowadays posting on social media going for hikes, finding new places and I never really understood it until last weekend – when I bothered to walk around my not-so-suburban backyard that has nature trails. And well, I get it now. I will try to explain this as if I was trying to tell my previous skeptical self why he should get out and experience nature…

You know those nights you go out and everything is just right? The right friends are out, the air is crisp and the right temperature, your mood is elevated and there’s a moment where you are like to yourself ”this is going to be a f****** great night!”. Imagine that happiness and excitement but towards something pure. It’s Sunday afternoon, a beautiful, sunny, winter day and you’re in the middle of a wide open field, the clouds look like bubbles stretched across the sky, the plants and trees in the distance slightly swaying back and forth… I wondered ”Where have I been!? Today is a great day!” This little moment are chemical’s releasing in your brain that increase your happiness -> https://adventuretogether.com/8-surprising-reasons-why-nature-is-the-best-medicine/#:~:text=1.,nerve%20cells%20of%20the%20body. Instead, I’ve been seeing a wall, t.v screens, with 20 other panting people around me – at the gym. While this view has been a 20 minute walk from my apartment the whole time…I was officially converted – once a week I will now go out and find a new place to explore!

I don’t think everyone appreciates the life they have as much as they should, we constantly take it for granted. We have been given an opportunity to walk a miraculous Earth and we spend most of our time between concrete walls. I do it myself all the time. Experiencing the serenity of nature, with no distractions, gives you a love and appreciation that you may have been missing.

So go to a local trail, a lookout, to the mountains, a waterfall, somewhere that isn’t man-made (yes, I know trails are man made but you get it) and take it all in. Then take a deep breath and think to yourself ‘I have been given this life as a gift, I am truly blessed’.



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