I have had numerous people ask “Where are the podcasts? Your blogs?” Well, the past few weeks have been tough. I didn’t feel right giving advice while I didn’t have anything positive or constructive to say. I knew exactly what was going on – I had a negative mindset, which produced negative thoughts, which then snowballed into me not having any motivation and a lack of clarity on my daily purpose. It’s safe to say my vision is now clear and I wake up feeling driven. I owe it to the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz.

There is a chapter that focuses on negative thoughts and how they are like a cancer. If you let a negative thought sit without getting rid of it it manifests, then suddenly you talk negatively, you are disinterested in life and it eventually consumes you. So, how do you avoid these festering feelings? As soon as you have a negative thought, think a positive one! It sounds simple but it really isn’t. You have to be self-aware. The way the book explains it is along these lines, imagine your mind is a factory of thoughts with two workers, one is called Mr. Defeat and the other Mr. Triumph. Both men are extremely obedient and snap to attention at the click of your fingers. If you tell yourself “Today is a lousy day” then Mr. Defeat gets to work and starts to produce negative thoughts. If you tell yourself “Today will be a great day!” Mr. Triumph starts pumping positivity into your mind and your outlook completely changes. You want Mr. Triumph to be promoted to Head of the Manufacturing Division and you need to fire Mr. Defeat! The more work you give either men the stronger he becomes. Eventually, with enough positive thought, Mr. Defeat will no longer be employed in your thought factory.

Unfortunately, I have been letting Mr. Defeat run the factory for a few weeks and he has become stronger. But, I have finally decided to demote that man – today when I woke up, I told myself “I am going to kill it! Today will be my best one in a long while!” and my friends as I write this blog; that I was dreading for weeks, I now type with a smile on my face thinking about how great today has been so far.

Do I recommend this book? Absolutely. if you want to become self-aware of your thoughts, understand your brain and take control over life then this book will most certainly help especially for ambitious individuals looking to sharpen their mind.

Stay positive y’all and until the next one…which will not be as long a wait as the previous!


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