A wise man once said to me “The only constant in life is change.” It is a popular saying and it is entirely true. Very little, if anything in life, lasts forever. Over time, everything either seizes to exist or is no longer ‘there’. Depending on how you digest this thought will determine if it makes you anxious or excited. Unfortunately, the former happens more often than not. So, let’s change your view on that because I recently had to.

As humans we are so scared of change, we like to attach ourselves to what is comfortable. The thought of changing your lifestyle and venturing down the road not taken is scary, and this discomfort is what stunts our growth. Honestly, the past couple months for me has been a test. I’ve had to make tough, life changing decisions and adapt to a new lifestyle.

Let me be completely open with you, in the last few months I’ve made a sizable investment into an online business that I have learnt to do just from YouTube; which goes live in the next few days – will it work? Who knows, but I have been doing my best. I went from living with a loving spouse to living back with my family – was it the right decision? Well with deep reflection before and after the decision, I believe it was. I quit smoking roughly 5 months ago and haven’t looked back, that in itself is a drastic change that ALL smokers dread; they dread having to leave their little friend nicotine behind.

Before every decision to make a lifestyle change I felt deep angst. I worried for the future, wondered if life would be the same, if I could go on living my life afterwards. Well, the answer is you will ALWAYS grow from change in life! Change is the seed for growth and you need to become comfortable with it to continue your growth. Without change, we stay the same. What happens to animals that don’t evolve? They die, their species suffers. Without adapting to each situation and challenge we are faced with, life leaves us behind. And it’s not even just big life shifts, we also need to embrace the fluid nature of every day life. Every day we are faced with different decisions that could lead to growth. Maybe it’s deciding to go for a hike on Saturday instead of the usual luncheon with friends or reaching out to an acquaintance for coffee to get to know them more instead of spending all your time with the same circle of friends.

Every day and every so often, we are faced with small and large opportunities to grow and try new things. That comfortable feeling you have, the stability that has surrounded you for so long, it’s caused you to stay in that job you hate, or stay in that toxic relationship, or stopped you from travelling to a new city(of course, after COVID) – it’s figurative death. That feeling is stopping you from growth and experiences that could change your life for the better. So, my friends, embrace change, embrace new.


P.S. If you don’t already I highly suggest following these guys on YouTube – Yes Theory, their brand promotes a similar message and they are super entertaining!

Listen to my podcast for men here!

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